Please note that we stock only a limited amount of common parts. Everything else needs to be ordered from the manufacturer.  In order for us to help process your warranty claim needs in an efficient manner, we request that you submit your information below (parts and warranty submission button below) as well as pictures of the products so that we might be able to identify the product model and part(s) needed.   We only process warranty claims from the products that we sell.  If purchased from a different dealer, you must take your product back to where you bought it. 
As well, please note that depending on the brand,  some warranty claims will have to be handled directly with the manufacture.

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Warranties are thru the manufacturers, not us,  however, we CAN assist as a third party rep. to help process claims.  You will need to submit your information below.  Please if accepted by manufacture,  be aware that shipping could take several weeks or more depending on product availability. 

A WARRANTY IS NOT ACCEPTED UNTIL THE MANUFACTURER REVIEWS THE INFORMATION PROVIDED AND APPROVES.   Most approved warranty claims are for the specified parts only.  In many cases, freight for parts ,labor, water, equipment, removal of damaged products is not covered under many of the manufacturer's warranties.  

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It is important that your email is correct or we will not receive your request notice or be able to send you the requirements to complete your product return. Please double check and confirm your email address is correct.


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